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Well, I saw the sneak preview of HellBoy. All I can say is OH MY FUCKING GOD! THIS MOVIE RULES! And it actually proves that Guillermo Del Toro can actually direct.

My one piece of advice to people: before seeing the movie, find out as much as you can about the HellBoy universe before watching this movie. I personally never read any of the comics; I couldn’t find any. I researched it like hell, though, since the movie was greenlighted. That was about the same time that Ron Perlman signed on as the lead. Perlman is one of the biggest, bad-asses of our time. He’s also very underused.

Now I’m not saying you have to do 5 months of research. Just a couple of quick background stories’ll do ya. Hell, the movie site gives enough info. With out that, you would be a bit lost. Maria was.

This movie… I can’t even put into words how much ass this movie kicked, but I’ll try. This was a real, human drama… minus the humans… The acting was utterly incredible. I felt like John Hurt and Perlman had that father/son relationship going. It wasn’t fake. I felt that Perlman loved Selma Blair, and that she, in turn, loved him, but couldn’t express it.

I’d have to say this is the best comic book adaptation ever. I felt like these were real people, and that we got a quick glimpse into their reality, even though the CGI looked like it was made with clay… hmm… maybe that’s what the C stands for. At least the baby HellBoy looked like clay…

This movie has my nomination for “best use of kittens in a fight scene”. Speaking of which, the fight scenes were definitely incredible. What makes me happiest about this film is that the studio really let them do what they wanted to do. I mean, could you imagine Tom Cruise as Prof. Broom? Brad Pitt as HellBoy? Jennifer Aniston as Liz Sherman? Mike Meyers as John Meyers? That would be scary. Thank God Keanu Reeves was off working on another comic book movie… and I now I have to go kill myself for being happy that he’s playing Hellblazer…

This movie didn’t leave itself an obvious sequel-hole, which is great, because there’s far too many blatant sequel movies. Do we really need a Friday the 13th part XIX: Jason Riverdances? He kills! We get it!

HellBoy was a genuine film that’s from the heart. Everyone affiliated with this film strode to make it as good as possible from day one, and it shows. I know this is a short review, compared to my others, but how many times can you say: “This movie is good. Go see it.” Despite all the demons and whatnot, this movie is real, and you will not be disappointed. Enjoy the show.

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