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The older stuff...

Here's what you may have missed. Have fun!

Episode 0: The Beginning?

Episode 1-1: Moving In
Episode 1-2: Orientation
Eposide 1-3: Compromise?
Episode 1-4: What is Needed
Episode 1-5: I-eh... um...
Episode 1-6: The Waiting Game

Episode 2-1: He's an Expert on the Subject
Episode 2-2: Fart Kill Dream
Special Episode 2-3: Reason to Break Tradition
Episode 2-4: Captain Obvious
Episode 2-5: I'm the Optimist
Episode 2-6: What the Hell Happened?
Episode 2-7: Well?... What Happened?!?
Episode 2-8: That's the End of That

Mini-Episode 3-1: We're doing WHAT?!?
Mini-Episode 3-2: pete draw good
Mini-Episode 3-3: Exhaustion Impairs Judgement

Episode 4-1: Where Else Would I Put It?
Episode 4-2: Undue Stress
Episode 4-3: A Pain Not Needed...
Episode 4-4: Alien Cat
Episode 4-5: A Pleasant Sight
Episode 4-6: Sleeping...
Episode 4-7: What Do You Think?
Episode 4-8: One More Pete Pic

Episode 5-1: Where Logical Argument Fails
Episode 5-2: ...Explanations Are Needed
Episode 5-3: Another Pete Pic
Episode 5-4: A Compelling Moment
Episode 5-5: Vote Kitty!
Episode 5-6: Make It Stop!
Episode 5-7: Because of My Laziness-Another Pete Pic
Episode 5-8: That's It. He's Gone Too Far...
Episode 5-9: I'm Tired... I Give...
Episode 5-10: ...That's it?
Episode 5-11: Okay, I need a Crowbar and a Blowtorch...

Mini-Episode 6-1: Dreaming
Mini-Episode 6-2: What's the Opposite of 'Forewarn'?
Mini-Episode 6-3: An Unwarped Pete Pic
Not-So-Mini-Episode 6-4: The Chick
Screw-It-It's-A-Full-Episode 6-5: Just So You Know I'm Alive

Episode 7-1: The Pitter-Patter...
Episode 7-2: Introducing...
Episode 7-3: Secret Santa Guest Comic
Episode 7-4: What's Been Going On All This Time...
Episode 7-5: Just Have To Deal Until Then...
Episode 7-6:Death From Above!

Episode 8-1: Mission Failed!
Episode 8-2: Consequenses
Episode 8-3: The Excellent Eunuch
Episode 8-4: Bad Tactics
Episode 8-5: Because You Stink
Episode 8-6: Kill You Twice

Episode 9-1: Gathering Intel
Episode 9-2: Lookit da Kitties!
Episode 9-3: Abuse My Second
Episode 9-4: Critter Inside
Episode 9-5: The Red Enema
Episode 9-6: What Does It Mean?

Episode 10-1: Weee!
Episode 10-2: ...Oops?...
Episode 10-3: Frag-Packer
Episode 10-4: After a Heated Discussion Between Issues...
Episode 10-5: HellPete
Episode 10-6: The Cubey!
Episode 10-7: Falling Through the Matrix
Episode 10-8: Blatant Filler
Episode 10-9: More Blatant Filler

Episode 11-1: My Eunuch
Episode 11-2: I Challenge You!
Episode 11-3: *hiccup*
Episode 11-4: You Know Who I Am?
Episode 11-5: I'm Sorry...
Episode 11-6: Never Again...

Episode 12-1: What Would You Do Without Me?
Episode 12-2: Crooked Drawing
Episode 12-3: Truly Crappy Comic
Episode 12-4: ...Do You Mind?
Episode 12-5: Mandatory Holiday Comic
Episode 12-6: Lookit Da Kitties-Pt. 2
Episode 12-7: Happy... Whatever...

#082: Warning! Bad Taste Ahead!
#083: Ack! Peoples!
#084: Pete Pesters Celebs: Pt. 1

Hmmm.... Cheese!

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