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Alien CatNormanAlien Cat
Presented: September 19th, 2003
After his first infamous guest comic, I felt the need to show everyone what Pete was really capable of with PaintShop/PhotoShop. The next time I got lagged with the comic, this was what I put up. The pic on the right is what he started with.

Shadows of a MemoryShadows of a Memory
Created: August 4th, 2003
I made this as a frame for Episode 2-2. I put a lot of heart into it,and am still upset that I couldn't use it as big as I had hoped in the comic.

The Stupid ComicThe Stupid Comic
Created: October, 2002
This was a computer graphics class assignment on my "Proficiency with Photoshop". I was supposed make anything that showed I used several features of the program. I had spent the entire week before binge-reading a bunch of webcomics, so...
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The Stupid ComicButch Chick
Created: Sometime late 2000/early 2001
This was the result of a night of boredom, insomnia, and curiosity on the capabilities of a photo editor that came with my then brand new computer. It was the first time that I ever played with any such program, and I think this doctor came out pretty good. I've been complemented on the boobs... sorry if this pic offends anyone, but I thought it was something I should share...

Putenca Melons?... What?...

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